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Manufacturing Division

One of the oldest division of SIVOKO is the manufacturing of automotive chassis parts.

Leafsprings -

Leafsprings was one of the oldest divisions of SIVOKO Group. SIVOKO produces springs for all trucks and other haulage vehicles from any model from 1973 till 2019. The production capacity is 15,000 MT annually for Ghana, 12,000 for Kenya and 15,000 MT for Dubai. The West African plant caters to all the ECOWAS countries, the Kenya plant caters to the East African markets and the Dubai plant caters to GCC countries.

Bolt & Nuts -

Enhancing the fasteners plant, SIVOKO strengthened its market position from from u-bolts to commercial bolts and nuts. The product range from m8 to m30 across all lengths. Production capacity for this plant is 8000 MT.

U-Bolts -

As a natural succession to the leafsprings plant, SIVOKO entered into the production of U Bolts to enhance on the product portfolio. Over the years, SIVOKO now produces more than 1800 variants of u-bolts. The production capacity is 6000 MT annually for Ghana, 5000 for Kenya and 4000 MT for Dubai.